Singles Ski Tips

Singles Ski Tips For Skiing or Boarding Hols Alone

Choose a Tour Operator who does a room matching scheme, so avoiding a single supplement, often you will end up with a room to yourself anyway.
Most Tour Operators will try and keep single people from having to share unless the resort is absolutely packed, as it doesn’t cost them any extra and increases customer satisfaction.
Choose a Tour Operator who does at least a few days ski-hosting so that you get to ski with people for the first day or two until you’ve made friends, it also works out well for the apres ski.
Think about booking group lessons at the ski school, or joining a guided group for off-piste. If necessary learn a new discipline. All these are great ways to meet people and make friends quickly.
Choose a larger chalet-hotel to stay in, so that there are likely to be many different groups and couples there, and possibly a few other singles, rather than you being the only person stuck in a chalet with one other group who couldn’t quite manage to fill the last bedroom.
Choose a resort that isn’t particularly well known for it’s child friendliness (avoid ski in ski out like the plague if you don’t like other people’s children), and if possible stay in an adults only chalet or chalet hotel.
If at all possible avoid the school holidays like the plague. I went skiing on my own to Meribel over Christmas, and for the first time ever I was the only person in the chalet hotel who was on their own, even worse & even though I love kids, I was the only one without children in their party. The feeling of being a freak only lasted a short while though.
If you’re not a member already, and you’re a good enough skier, go and meet the Ski Club rep, join, and ski with them for a couple of days, which is also a great way to meet people, and also have some apres ski.
Make sure you turn up to the welcome meeting, it’s where everyone meets everyone else and start to form their holiday friendships. If you miss it, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating to try and break into some of the little groups after they have formed.
I’ve found Mark Warners two adults only chalet hotels to be very social, and even their family chalet hotels are very welcoming. If you’re budget is a little tighter then some of Ski Worlds chalet hotels are pretty decent. I’ve not yet tried club-med, but they seem to make a lot of effort to make single travellers welcome.
If all else fails, go to the hotel bar, grab a drink, plaster a smile on your face, and go up and introduce yourself to the friendliest looking group in the room, it’s yet to fail for me.
Once you’ve been on your own once, you’ll never let a lack of someone else being available to go with stop you from skiing again. It’s a social sport, ideal for single people to make friends.
Why not join our Forum & hook up with fellow Skiers or Boarders looking for pals to share room & travel costs so you don’t have to holiday alone.
If at all possible choose a Chalet over a Hotel, In Chalets you will sit at a table with fellow guests & so be able to chat & make friends. In a Hotel you will most likely be allotted a table according to your room, so you will be sat on your own, making you stand out like a sore thumb. In Soll one Christmas I had the table for ONE, the farthest away from the entrance next to the stage which housed a full size sleigh together with Santa & Reindeer !!

Singles Ski Safety

On a safety note, NO matter how good a Skier or Border you are, NEVER go off piste on your own, I can’t stress this enough. I have heard some pretty horrid stories over the years of people wo have done this & not even lived to regret it. Seriously no matter how tempting that fresh powder looks, unless its under a lift where you are in plain view, do not try it on your own.

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