Hi My Name is John Mac, I have been a keen skier for over 20 years. Recently I have found myself with no mates to go skiing with, I know what a “Billy No Mates” 🙂

So I know from experience how difficult it is to get a decent deal if you are a Single Skier or Boarder.

With that in mind I have started this Blog to help all Single Skiers & Boarders to find decent deals for getting to the slopes. Wether you are looking for Hotel or Chalets with no single supplements or are looking to hook up with other people to share rooms, skiing & of course not forgetting the old APRES SKI !! then you have come to the right place.

The more people that use this Blog & the Forum (coming soon) the better position I will be in to approach Tour Operators & the like to give us a better deal due to our bulk buying power, so please tell all your friends ( I’d tell mine but as I said I haven’t got any 🙂 ) about this site.

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